Saved From Parvo

Lilly was surrendered to Burlington Animal Services because she was deathly ill. The vet at the shelter confirmed it was Parvo and Lilly needed immediate isolation and care.  PAWS contacted a local veterinarian who agreed to care for Lilly.  We were told that she was very close to death and might not survive.  She was barely able to raise her head but you could see the determination in her eyes...she wanted to live. Even if she survived, Lilly was going to be quarantined for a few weeks and a full recovery would be expensive and take time. After several days, Lilly sat up and began to make progress.  As a reaction from some injections, large sores formed on her back that needed special care too. Burlington Animal Services found Lilly an experienced medical foster, Joyce, who was willing to care for her until she was fully recovered.  Joyce has found Lilly a great “forever” home.  Lilly’s life was saved by PAWS, the Shelter, a local vet, and Joyce all working together.